Low Back Pain Clarksville TN: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The lower back protects certain body tissues, aids in movement as well as supporting the body structure. With all these essential functions, suffering from back pain is a very uncomfortable and painful thing to go through. When suffering from this, you need to see a consultant on Low Back Pain Clarksville TN to help with diagnosis and treatment. The following are some of the causes of low back pain.

1. Lifting heavy objects
2. Twisting
3. Sudden movements on the lower back
4. Muscle or ligament strain (most common cause)

Symptoms of low back pain differ from person to person, and it is important to look out for the following signs:

1. Tingling and numbness of the lower extremities
2. Difficulties in walking
3. Fatigue
4. Deep aches on the lower back that get worse when you stand or walk
5. Dizziness
6. Sciatica
7. Aches on one leg or buttock only
8. Continuous pain in the ligaments

When you experience any of the above symptoms, you could be suffering from low back pain. Staying for long without treatment may make the problem worse, and the discomfort and pain that comes with it may be unbearable.

Low back pain treatment

Treatment will vary from person to person depending on the seriousness of the condition. One of the ways to treat back pain is by performing basic back pain exercises that your doctor will tell you about. Majority of the people get well within six weeks, even without surgery.

When you visit a doctor to diagnose this problem, it is important to disclose all information, including the cause of injury, as well as duration. He or she will then conduct pelvic and rectal tests besides other tests to determine the seriousness of the problem. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe an X-ray test or bone scan together with various nerve tests depending on your condition. For more info on Low Back Pain Clarksville TN, like our Facebook Page.

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