Veterinary Care Practitioners Discuss How Dogs Get Bad Breath

Veterinary Care Practitioners Discuss How Dogs Get Bad Breath

Making sure your dog is healthy includes making sure he does not suffer from halitosis or bad breath. According to veterinary care practitioners, bad breath results from a buildup of odor-causing bacteria in a dog’s stomach, lungs, or mouth. A persistent case of bad breath indicates the dog needs dental care or that something is wrong with the liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal tract.

Making an Assessment

However, that being said, canine bad breath is usually the result of dental disease. Small dogs, in particular, can be especially prone to tartar or plaque. If dental disease is not the cause, then a veterinary care professional will look at possible medical issues within the mouth, internal organs, respiratory system, or gastrointestinal area.

Symptoms that Signal the Need to See a Vet

Veterinary care is important in this case as your veterinarian is the best person to see for checking the cause. A physical exam and lab work may be performed to pinpoint the reason for the bad breath. So, if your dog’s breath suddenly develops an unusual smell, consult with your vet. The following events may signal a medical problem that needs immediate treatment:

* An unusually sweet-smelling breath may indicate diabetes, especially if the dog has been drinking water and urinating more than usual.
* If the breath smells like urine, then it could indicate kidney disease.
* An especially foul smell accompanied by a lack of appetite, vomiting, or yellow-tinged gums or corneas could indicate a liver condition.

Obtaining Treatment

Treatment for bad breath depends on the diagnosis. If the reason for bad breath is plaque, then the dog may require a professional cleaning. If the problem is the diet, then you may have to change the dog’s regular food. If bad breath results from a gastrointestinal cause, then the vet will direct you on the needed steps to take. For more information contact Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital at (480) 860-1433. You can connect with them Facebook for latest news and updates!

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