Eliminate the Threat with an Ant Exterminator in NYC

Eliminate the Threat with an Ant Exterminator in NYC

Ants are social insects that live in large groups called colonies, consisting of up to millions of ants with one or more queens, female workers, and males. While most ants are merely a nuisance, some ant infestations can be troublesome due to the ants’ painful sting, and some pose a hazard to human structures. Ant infestations are best controlled by an ant exterminator.

Stinging Ants Can Be a Real Pain

One of the reasons ants are so troublesome to humans is that they live in colonies that can number in the millions. Add to that the thought of a painful ant sting, and you have the stuff nightmares are made of. Ants, like wasps, have a stinger that is used to inject poison into prey and predators. The pain of an ant sting is a result of the injected poison.

Ant Damage

Carpenter ants are a particularly harmful species of ants due to the damage they can inflict on wood structures. Like termites, carpenter ants are wood-boring insects that use wood as a food source. A carpenter ant infestation can cause significant structural damage to a building. Even in densely populated metropolitan areas, carpenter ants can be a problem, thus there is often a great need for an ant exterminator in NYC. Ants can also damage lawns, crops, and gardens.

The Extermination Option

Humans often exercise the right to exterminate invasive infestations of insects, and ants are a legitimate threat and target for extermination. An ant exterminator generally removes infestations by poisoning an ant colony from the inside out. Metro Pest places poisonous bait throughout the infested area to attract ants. Ants take the bait back to the colony, where it is then distributed and used to poison the colony’s population.

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