Using Diesel Fuel to Avoid Emergency Service From a Heating Oil Delivery Company Pennsauken NJ Has Available

People who may run out of furnace heating oil at night or on the weekend can add some diesel fuel to the tank instead of calling for emergency oil delivery from a Heating Oil Delivery Company Pennsauken NJ has available. The two substances are essentially the same, although heating oil is dyed red to distinguish it from diesel fuel. Diesel costs significantly more because it is heavily taxed to fund road construction and improvements. The government does not want vehicle drivers using the cheaper heating oil for diesel, which is the reason for the red dye.

Adding 10 or 12 gallons of diesel to the furnace oil tank will likely be cheaper than calling for emergency service from a heating oil company. That amount of diesel should get the home’s residents through the weekend until they can receive regular oil delivery service. The person who wants to buy diesel fuel for the furnace must have a yellow can to carry it in. The cans are available at auto parts stores, hardware stores and home improvement shops. Many people have red fuel cans, but those are only for gasoline.

It’s important not to run the furnace out of oil altogether because doing so requires bleeding the lines before running the equipment again. Most people don’t know how to do this. A driver with a heating oil delivery company in Pennsauken, NJ has available can bleed the lines when bringing oil after the weekend, but there’s a fee for the service. The only time company won’t charge a fee for emergency delivery or for bleeding the furnace lines is if the homeowner is on an automatic fill contract and the company somehow missed a delivery. This is not a likely occurrence, however, and typically would only occur if the residents used a dramatically unexpected amount of heating oil compared to their previous usage.

Diesel fuel also will work during times when a homeowner is very short on cash and cannot afford a minimum delivery. If financial trouble arises, the homeowner should look into energy assistance programs, as they may be able to receive some funding. If the person qualifies, the program will directly pay a company such as Oil Depot of South Jersey to deliver a certain amount of heating oil.

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