Using A Recycling Company in San Antonio, TX When Doing A Town Clean-Up

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Waste Management

If people wish to help their community by cleaning the town as a group, there are several steps they can take to make their efforts successful. This is a great endeavor for a scouting or environmental group to take on, and the town will benefit from their work.

First, someone will need to contact a dumpster service and Recycling Company in San Antonio TX to find out about rates and rules when collecting trash. When this is set up, the rest of the event can be planned.

A dumpster will need to be set up on one of the member’s properties to be used for all trash collected. Hand each member several trash bags to use as they walk the streets picking up debris. Using two different colors is best as one can be used for household trash and the other for recyclable materials. As the members fill the bags, they can tie them and leave them at the side of the road for pickup. Have one member available to collect the bags that are filled. They can then bring them to the dumpster area to dump inside as necessary. Recyclables may have their own bin for collection or they may need to be brought to a recycling company for disposal.

When the participants are done collecting trash, have them meet back at the dumpster area. They can then see how much they have collected and have a picture-taking session to inform the community of their hard work via a newspaper if desired. Participants can then take a ride to a recycling center to hand in all glass, plastic, and paper items they had found while conducting the clean-up. This is a wonderful way for members to give back to the community, and they will be proud of their work when the day is done.

If someone is in need of a dumpster delivery or a Recycling Company in San Antonio TX, hiring a service that deals with both is best. Take a look at and browse through their services. Make an appointment for a dumpster delivery and inform them about the project to find out pricing.

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