Puppy Training: An Absolute Must For You and Your Dog

In the United States, people have dogs as pets to the tune of around 77.6 million. Unfortunately, some 3.9 million end up in shelters. Usually, it is through no fault of their own. Many end up there after their puppy cuteness has vanished. They arrive virtually untrained. Their owners have shirked their responsibility of providing them one of the very basic requirements for being a companion animal – puppy training.

Why Puppy Training?

I really should not have to answer this question. The answer should be obvious. Regrettably, people tend to forget that, like any other young living being, dogs need to be able to play their allotted role in society. To achieve this, they need some form of training. For dogs, puppy training teaches them how to behave in their home and in the wider world. It prepares them to know how to act when faced with people they do not know, people who may not like them or those who expect dogs to behave in a specific way.

Puppy training provides puppies with the manners every dog should possess. These include:

  • Sitting
  • Staying
  • Coming
  • Not jumping
  • Toilet training
  • Quiet expression of needs and wants

The means of training can be as extensive or simple as you need. The methods and techniques also vary, providing various options sure to please even the most finicky owner.

Puppy Training: Types

Options for puppy training are available on the net, in pet supply stores, at veterinarian clinics and on flyers posted in parks. It is up to you to look through your puppy’s options and find a good match. You can consider:

  • Clicker training
  • Motivational training
  • Natural dog training
  • Pack leaders
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Protection dog training
  • Reward-based training

Celebrity dog trainers also offer their specific model, along with the books, toys and other products. You can, and it is a viable option, go at it alone. However, it is also wise to enroll your puppy in puppy training classes to obtain the basics upon which you can build your own approach.

Enrolling in Puppy Training Classes

Before you sing up, you need to take the exact precautions you would take if you were enrolling your child or yourself in a particular class of yoga, skating, and similar training courses. You need to carefully vet each of the potential training candidates on your list. It is important not only to research the method and the trainers, but also to visit the facilities. Sign up for a free class and watch how the instructor handles the owners and the puppies. Only after you are certain the puppy training class is right for you and your companion animal should you agree to make this a weekly productive and hopefully fun event in both your lives.

You and your dog want to be able to enjoy life at home and in the world beyond. Your ticket is also one that indicates you are a responsible dog owner. Only through the right type of puppy training can you be certain to put its paws on the best path. At Peace of Mind Dog Training and Pet Care, we provide you with the guidance and skills you need to make your relationship with your canine companion a solid one. You can relax, watch, participate and learn in a safe environment. For further information about our methods and services, visit us online at website You can also like them on Facebook.

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