What To Look For In A Practical Industrial Control Panel

Not all designs of equipment are practical and offer the simplicity and functionality that is optimal for the given application. When it comes to an industrial control panel (ICP) simplicity, functionality and intuitive layout are typically the most critical factors in the design.

An industrial control panel, by definition, is at least two different components that are used to control devices. These components can include overload relays, circuit breakers, motor controllers, selector switches, control relays and other similar types of components. The ICP also contains wiring to connect the components, lights and even touchscreen systems to allow for easy operation of the components within the panel.

Custom Designed

While there are off the shelf options in industrial control panel models, these limit the specific configuration of the components as well as what can be controlled through the panel.

For most applications, other than the most basic, a custom designed industrial control panel is the best and most practical option. This allows the in-house engineering and design team to work directly with the ICP manufacturer to create a turnkey system that includes the specifics required for the particular application.

Features of Custom ICPs

One of the great features of the custom designed ICPs is the ability to incorporate monitoring systems and alarms into the system. These components are essential for critical applications monitored and controlled through the ICP. Remote monitoring and control through the ICP help to reduce operator requirements on-site and also provide immediate response to any deviations in operational ranges.

The panel can also be configured to the specific size and shape requirements for the location. They can be mounted in control rooms or operated directly from the equipment or system, providing the functionality needed in different areas of the facility.

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