Understanding the Uses of Commercial Glass in Brooklyn, MI

Commercial Glass in Brooklyn MI can be used in an endless number of applications and is versatile enough to serve the needs of a business owner or a household handyman. The commercial glass is also known as soda-lime glass due to the use of soda ash during its manufacturing process. Some of the more common applications of commercial glass are in the manufacture of jars and bottles and the making of windows and drinking glasses.

Sand is the essential component found in virtually all kinds of commercial glass. Though sand can be fused by itself to manufacture glass, it must be done at a very high temperature of about 1700C. The addition of other chemicals and minerals to sand helps to considerably lower its melting temperature.

One of the main attributes of commercial glass that makes it ideal for manufacturing windows and many other products is its lack of color. To produce different colors and shades of commercial glass, the addition of some other chemicals is necessary.

There are three main types of Commercial Glass in Brooklyn MI, and they are soda lime glass, silica glass, and borosilicate. They greatly differ in their properties, uses, and appearance.

Borosilicate is known to be the most resilient type of commercial glass and is very durable against assorted chemicals and thermal shock. It is the preferred choice in the manufacture of test tubes and other glass apparatus for use in laboratory settings. It is also used in the manufacture of kitchenware and cooking equipment.

Soda-lime glass is used exclusively in the manufacture of windows due to its lack of color and ability to transmit large quantities of visible light. It is also referred to as float glass and is composed mainly of calcium and sodium. It is also durable and can withstand the effects of strong chemicals. However, it is very susceptible to sudden thermal expansion.

Silica glass is the least resilient type of commercial glass and is composed mostly of sand. It is usually transparent and thin and is used in the production of UV filters in eyeglasses. It is costlier than other forms of commercial glass due to the painstaking process involved in its melting and manufacture. All the above kinds of commercial glass can be purchased at Maple City Glass Inc.

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