Common Mistakes with Hot Melt Adhesive Application

Common Mistakes with Hot Melt Adhesive Application

If you need to seal cartons or glue products, hot melt adhesive is one of the best choices you can make. It sets up fast and lends itself well to automated processes. However, some people have trouble with their hot glue systems, and the problem is not in the materials or system, but in the way, these glues are applied. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes companies make, to help you avoid these issues.

Too Much Glue

If your cartons aren’t sealing properly, your first response may be to increase the amount of hot melt adhesive on the flaps. However, the problem may not be the amount of glue you’re using. In fact, if you put too much glue on your products you could increase the time it takes for the glue to set and it could ruin your packaging. For example, some boxes or containers are designed to for easy opening. If the consumer has to struggle to open a box of products, he or she may go elsewhere.

Too much glue can ruin packaging. It can cause the packaging to tear when opened and this can frustrate your customers.

Not Enough Glue

It’s good to conserve on materials, but not enough glue can make your cartons open prematurely. It can cause glued products to fail also. The truth is, you don’t save on costs when you cut down the glue if it causes quality problems.

Stitch Problems

Hot melt adhesive machines can apply many types of glue stitches and patterns. Make sure you use the best glue pattern for your products. For example, some patterns may not give you enough sealing power. On the other hand, they may work too well, and you end up using more glue than you need to. It’s best to talk to your hot glue supplier for professional advice.

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