Choosing The Right Coin Dealer in Edmond

It is very important for coin collectors and individuals who own coins to choose an experienced Coin Dealer in Edmond. There are many coin dealers, but only a few possess the years of coin trading experience needed to properly appraise rare coins. The coin dealer must be one who is ethical, has a thorough knowledge of the industry, is highly experienced and financially stable, and is preferably a member of the PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild).

The usual practice is to engage the services of coin dealers with physical locations, but a growing number of reputable coin dealers now buy and perform coin appraisals through the mail. However, great care must be taken when dealing with such persons. Determine the dealer’s reputation and check the Better Business Bureau to confirm whether they received any complaints about the dealer. The following are the traits to look for when choosing a Coin Dealer in Edmond.

The financial stability of the dealer must be strong. Even though the vast majority of rare coins being traded are genuine, some fake or doctored coins do turn up. The dealer should have enough finances to handle any issues that may arise. Though slabbing and certification services have reduced the trading of fake coins, the financial stability of the dealer is a strong indicator of the dealer’s ability to arrange for recompense.

The dealer must have a good reputation among his peers and the community. The vetting process of most guilds ensures the character of the individual being admitted is beyond reproach. If the dealer belongs to a coin club, ask other members if they have done business with him. Find out the nature of their experience and if there were any problems during the transactions.

The coin dealer should also be ethical in his dealings with clients. Some dealers intentionally lower the value of the coin during appraisal to make a handsome profit for themselves. Such dealers are unprincipled and should not be dealt with. Work with coin dealers who grade the coins honestly and subscribe to the ethical code of the PNG for all their transactions with clients. For more information and to make inquiries on where to find reliable coin dealers, please visit

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