Established Jewelers in Arlington TX Looking to Buy Unwanted Silver

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Business & Economics

Since ancient times, people have sought to own silver. Used in artwork, as money, and even for magical and medical purposes, silver has been the foundation of national currencies, the coin collector’s prize and the metal of choice for decorative household items, utensils and jewelry. Just about everyone has some silver items stored away and forgotten in drawers and jewelry boxes. With the recent increased interest in the precious metals market by investors, it might be the time to take a look and see if that broken necklace, that bent spoon, that one earring, and that old platter could be turned into cash. Why leave bills unpaid or postpone vacations when you have unwanted, yet valuable silver, that has either been damaged or has no sentimental meaning, sitting in a drawer collecting dust? With the price of silver today, you may be pleasantly surprised by the value of these items you have forgotten about.

If you are considering selling your scrap silver, you are in luck. There are reputable jewelers who will Buy Silver in Arlington TX. You don’t have to get on the phone or online for an envelope to send your silver half way across the United States, to be appraised by someone you don’t know, in warehouse you’ve never seen, to tell you what your silver is worth. Smart consumers who want to turn their excess silver into dollars will opt to visit an established, local business that can determine the true value of your property, often giving you a better price than the mail order shops.

Pioneer Gold and Silver Exchange is a family owned, full service jewelry store that has been in business for over 50 years with stores in Plano and Arlington, TX. In addition to buying silver and gold, they also purchase watches, diamonds, precious stones and platinum. Pioneer also has a full-time jeweler on site who can perform repairs, cleanings and even create a stunning, on-of-a-kind pieces for that special occasion. If you have decided to transform your broken, mismatched and damaged silver items into cash, Pioneer Gold and Silver Exchange will Buy Silver in Arlington TX and their Plano, TX location. They have a reputation you can trust, serving Texas families for over 50 years.


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