Types of Care Provided In Assisted Living in Palm Coast, FL

Types of Care Provided In Assisted Living in Palm Coast, FL

Even though the level of care needed for the elderly can vary widely, most of the time assisted living in Palm Coast, FL can accommodate. Each facility offers several levels of care to change with the needs of each patient. In general, a facility will provide care in these areas.

Personal Care and Help with Daily Activities

Most residents in assisted living in Palm Coast, FL need at least minimal help with ADLs or activities for daily living. Most facilities allow about two hours of help per day for each of their residents. Help with bathing is often essential to ensure the safety of a senior. It can help prevent dangerous falls when getting in or out of the shower or tub.

Dispensing Medications

For many seniors, remembering to take their medications on time becomes difficult. A nurse or med tech will be available to ensure medications are taking correctly and on time each day. This helps prevent accidentally taking too much of a medication or forgetting to take it altogether. For many seniors, getting medications like warfarin and insulin needs careful monitoring.

Meals and Nutrition

Assisted living in Palm Coast, FL usually means open dining. Room delivery is often available if desired. Most of the time, residents sit restaurant style and order from a menu. Menu selections vary so that seniors experience a variety of foods, all of which are nutritionally balanced and satisfying. Residents are also monitored closely to ensure they are receiving adequate nutrition. Seniors who do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins B or D can see a cognitive decline. The nursing staff keeps a close watch on seniors and when needed make dietary changes.

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