Preparing For Judge Malcolm Mackey

There are many different ways that a lawyer prepares to represent his or her client, and one is to get to know all that is possible about the judge assigned to hear the case. In the past, lawyers and attorneys had to spend time in painstakingly finding out information online and through other attorneys, but today the process is much easier.

Lawyers appearing before Judge Malcolm Mackey or any other judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court can now use judicial analytics to find out information. This is a comprehensive review and report that highlights how judges are most likely to rule on specific motions, specifics about judge information, a summary of the judge’s tendencies in the court as well as information about the judge’s workload and how that can impact your client.

Basic Information

Finding more than the basics about Judge Malcolm Mackey can be a challenge, particularly for smaller law firms and solo attorneys. A basic search of the internet does provide some information, and the following details are readily available.

Judge Malcolm Mackey is the current officeholder in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. Judge Mackey has been in this position since 1978, and prior to that, he was a self-employed trial lawyer from 1959 through to 1978.

In addition to working in the legal field, the Judge worked as a sales representative in the oil industry and was also in the United States Marines from 1946 through to 1948.

Judge Mackey earned his Bachelor of Arts and his Juris Doctor in Psychology and Law, from the New York University and the Southwestern Law School respectively. He is currently active in the California Judges Association as well as the Los Angeles Judges Association and has held several prior positions in the Los Angeles Bar Association and the International Academy of Trial Judges before taking the bench.

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