Top Three Duties of an Experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Financial difficulties are very stressful. Whether it is because of mortgages, student loans, credit card debts or past-due service expenses, harassing phone collects from debt collectors can add a considerable amount to the borrower’s level of stress. The two common ways to resolve a debt problem are to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy or pay off the debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the borrower to get rid of most types of unsecured debts. It is faster than chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the borrower is allowed to retain most of their property. However, not everyone can qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. A borrower cannot be allowed to file chapter 7 bankruptcy if their income is enough to fund a chapter 13 plan. To ensure that the bankruptcy process flows smoothly, it is imperative to hire the services of a competent chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Here are top three reasons why it is important to hire an experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

Preparing the Case
An experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help the applicant prepare and manage their case. The lawyer has a profound knowledge of the bankruptcy law. They can make sure that all the paperwork and documentation is completed correctly. They will also ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted to the right judicial representatives.

Examining the Applicant’s Financial Situation
A proficient chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help their client evaluate their financial situation. The lawyer can help them determine the form of bankruptcy that matches well with their condition. If the applicant is making more than an average family in the state, they may not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Similarly, if a person has too many debts and low income, they may not be eligible for a chapter 13 plan.

Protection From Unscrupulous Creditors
An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can handle all communications with creditors to ensure that their client is not harassed by unscrupulous creditors and does breach the bankruptcy code.
A skilled chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is dedicated to helping persons filing for bankruptcy get the best possible outcome from the case.

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