Do You Need Bankruptcy Help in St.Charles MO?

People who are in over their heads with debt often feel their lives are tumbling out of control. Though they work to make ends meet, the debt continues to pile up higher. For people dealing with more debt than they can handle, there is Bankruptcy Help in St.Charles MO. Bankruptcy can allow a person to overcome their debts legally so they can start a brighter financial future. To get started, a person needs to bring in their financial records so the attorney can review them and determine whether or not bankruptcy will be a good option for them.

Once the financial records have been carefully reviewed, a person will learn more about their options for Bankruptcy Help in St.Charles MO what they can expect from filing. There are a couple of different options for filing for bankruptcy and the type a person files will be completely dependent on the amount of debt they owe and how much income they make.

Chapter 7 is available for anyone who can meet the income requirements of a means test. Through this test, a person will find out if their income meets or exceeds the median income for their area. As long as the income is lower or meets the median income of the person’s state, they will be allowed to file. With this type, a person can settle their debts in as few as six months through working with their attorney and the court-appointed trustee.

There is also chapter 13 which allows a person to settle their debt in five years or less. Through this bankruptcy, people make a monthly payment to the court each year so they can eventually pay off their debts and be free of financial stress. The attorney will help people to determine whether or not chapter 13 will help them to save their home or prevent the repossession on their car and other property.

Those who are in need of Bankruptcy Help in St.Charles MO can find the help they need by contacting the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown. Through a consultation appointment, a person can learn more about their options so they can make an informed decision on their financial needs.

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