Ball Valves Have Many Benefits

Ball Valves Have Many Benefits

General Ball valve manufacturers create a wide range of products for industry. In fact, ball valves are some of the most popular types of valves in industrial settings today. Why are they so popular and common? Here is more information about these valves.

How Ball Valves Work

Ball valve manufacturers have been around for more than 50 years. The concept is simple and yet still very effective today. Imagine a hole with a ball sitting atop it. Now imagine the ball is the perfect size to seal off the hole. This is the basic principle behind ball valves.

A simple ball valve works with a ball mechanism which has a hole in the middle. If you turn the ball, so the hole lines up with the intake and outtake ports of the valve, it opens and allows flow. Turn the ball slightly, and flow is slightly restricted. Turn the ball completely sideways, and you shut off the flow entirely.


Ball valve manufacturers make many types of ball valves. You can buy them for many uses and applications. You may buy these valves in very small sizes and extremely large sizes for municipal water treatment plants. Some are made from brass and others from strong and durable plastic. Other materials are also used.

Ball valves are very efficient. They give you a good seal for an affordable price. Few moving parts need no lubrication. They last for a long time and require no maintenance. You can repair them, and it is simple and easy to replace parts. Installation is simple and quick.

You can enjoy a great deal of versatility with ball valves. They can withstand high temperatures and high pressure ratings. However, in cold environments, they may freeze because the ball mechanism may trap moisture and freezing can damage the valve. Yet, insulation and heat tape can solve this issue.

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