Top Reasons For Air Duct Cleaning In Atlanta Homes

Top Reasons For Air Duct Cleaning In Atlanta Homes

Atlanta is a beautiful place to live with year-round nice weather and an amazing selection of historic and modern neighborhoods and homes. However, with the variety of different types of houses in the city and the continual warm climate, air duct cleaning is a service that most homeowners should consider.

The air ducts are conduits that allow cool air from the air conditioner and warm air from the furnace to circulate through the home. While there are filters on these systems, dust, and debris as well as mold spores, pet dander and other contaminants in the air will also circulate through the system.

This can lead to a buildup of material on the inside of the ducts that homeowners in Atlanta may not be able to see, but they may experience the effects. Increased allergic reactions, asthma symptoms, respiratory problems or bad odors from the HVAC system can all indicate the need for air duct cleaning.

Removing Dust and Molds

Dust can contain both organic and inorganic materials. Mold spores, bacteria and other types of microorganisms can attach to the organic materials in the ducts and thrive, particularly in the more humid months.

By having a professional air duct cleaning service in as needed, these buildups of mold, dust, and debris can be scrubbed from the inside of the ducts. Additionally, with the removal, the system will be more efficient, which may help to improve heating and cooling throughout the house.

Providing a Healthier Home

Indoor air quality is an important factor for the health and well-being of everyone in the home. The elderly and the very young, as well as people with known respiratory conditions, can be very sensitive to the presence of dust, dander, mold and other types of allergens within the HVAC system.

Routine cleaning of the air ducts will not only increase the quality of the air indoors, but it can help to provide relief from respiratory conditions for members of the family.

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