How To Choose A Lafayette Contractor For Commercial HVAC Installation And Service

How To Choose A Lafayette Contractor For Commercial HVAC Installation And Service

New commercial buildings of any type and for any industry need to have all systems designed and installed to exacting specifications. An experienced commercial HVAC service is able to provide expert installation, ongoing maintenance, and commercial AC repair for the life of the system.

In the Lafayette area, one of the top commercial HVAC contractors is Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. In business since 1988, this company has a solid reputation in working on all types of HVAC system installation, repairs, and even full system replacements. They also have expertise in both small to large HVAC installation projects and offer full maintenance programs as well as emergency repair services.

Why Installation Experience Matters

There are lots of mechanical contractors that work on a variety of types of commercial HVAC service jobs. Installation requires the ability to custom make components to meet the specific needs of the system. In addition, when the company make the components and completes the install, they are an excellent match to continue on with maintenance and commercial AC repair services, if and when needed.

Most of the large commercial HVAC system installations are complex operations. They require the use of heavy equipment to lift and position components, and the expertise to ensure all equipment and components are correctly configured for optimal heating and cooling capabilities. Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration, with more efficient systems providing a better ROI and offer long-term operating cost savings.

Experience in these large commercial HVAC systems installation projects, as well as ongoing maintenance and emergency repair services, also means that work is done to the timeline specified and within the budget. Working with professional contractors that know just what needs to be done streamlines the entire process and moves the project along, eliminating missed deadlines and the need for extensions.

In Lafayette, Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. offers full commercial HVAC service, repairs, and installations. For more details, see us at

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