To Refill or Replace: Benefits of Using Refillable Ink Cartridges

Printer ink can be expensive. Regardless of if you use a smaller, at-home printer, or large commercial printer, there is absolutely no doubt you pay quite a bit for replacement ink cartridges. Did you know there is a better, more affordable option? When you choose ink cartridges to refill, you will discover you can not only save money, but you may reap a few other benefits, as well.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

While the money-saving benefit may be the biggest appeal of using refillable ink cartridges, it is definitely not the only one to be had. In fact, when you choose to refill, rather than replace, you will be helping the environment. Refilling your cartridges will keep them out of the landfills and reduce the natural materials needed to make new ones.

Refilling can be especially beneficial since many of the modern ink cartridges are made from non-biodegradable materials, such as plaster. This means that it can take hundreds, if not thousands of years, for even a single cartridge to disintegrate.

More Funds for Other Business and/or Personal Expenses

When you choose to refill, rather than replace, you will also find you have extra funds in your budget for more pleasurable or needed expenses. For example, the $100 a month you spent on new ink cartridges in the past can be used to buy yourself a new outfit, or to purchase new equipment for your business. The options are endless and completely up to you. While $100 a month may not seem like a lot at first, over the period of a year, that is $1200 extra – it really adds up over time.

If you are wondering if you should refill or replace your printer ink cartridges, seriously consider the benefits offered by refilling. You can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy more money to spend on other things. This is definitely a winning option.

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