Things Veterinarians In Chicago Want You To Know About Your Pet’s Oral Health

Taking care of your pet means ensuring that he or she visits the vet on a regular basis, to check on their physical health and to keep their vaccinations up to date. There is another very important aspect of your pet’s health that many pet owners inadvertently overlook: oral health. While dental treats and toys do go a long way to helping your pet’s mouth stay healthy, regular intervention from a vet is required, especially as your pet ages. Here are a few things veterinarians in Chicago want you to know about your pet’s oral health.

Pets Don’t Show Pain The Same Way Humans Do

When humans experience oral health issues, they show pain in fairly obvious ways. Pets, on the other hand, tend to hide any signs of illness until the disease has progressed. Animals don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable, and are basically genetically programed to keep all signs of pain, infection, and disease concealed for as long as possible. This means that if your pet is suffering from any type of oral health issue, they won’t be able to “show” or “tell” you what’s wrong. It’s important to take your pet to a vet clinic on a regular basis to have his or her teeth inspected.

The Majority Of Older Pets Have Dental Issues

Nearly ninety percent of older pets are suffering from some type of dental issue. As mentioned, pets are exceptionally skilled at hiding these issues from their owners, so there is a chance that your pet may have a dental disease that is in need of treatment. If certain types of dental illnesses are left untreated they can spread to the bone, causing serious complications for your pet.

Dogs Are Susceptible To Chipped Teeth

Dogs in particular are susceptible to chipped and cracked teeth. The way that dogs play, and the variety of items they enjoy chewing, can lead to a number of their teeth becoming chipped or cracked. Chipped teeth invite bacteria into the mouth and gums, and can lead to gum disease and other dental health issues.

For more tips that veterinarians in Chicago want pet owners to know about the health of their furry loved ones, contact the Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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