Tips for Paying Less for your Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle parts can command astronomical prices. If you don’t want to pay for parts that cost an arm, lung and a leg, you could always shop for aftermarket motorcycle parts instead. Here are solid additions you could go for:

Frame sliders

Sliders keep your bike’s frame in place when you lay it down, says the Motorcyclist. With these aftermarket add-ons, you won’t have to worry about your frame getting into contact with the blacktop. That means less wear and tear on your bike’s frame which helps your ride last longer.


A new exhaust can come with a significant upfront cost. However, the benefits you get usually more than make up for that. The boost in power means you get better performance on the road. Some DIY enthusiasts even take on this addition themselves so you if you have the tools and you’re inclined towards DIY projects, you could take care of this on your own, saving yourself installation costs along the way.

Engine guards

An engine case can cost you a lot. One way to save on that expense is to buy a part as a preventive measure against damage and wear. Look for engine guards. These guards protect your case so you won’t have to shop for replacements as often.

Battery tender

This part helps keep your battery in top form. Since a battery can wipe a chunk off your monthly budget, keeping it in good condition for as long as possible is an excellent way to save on costs.


Standard windshields aren’t built for your height or preferences. Want a better way to direct the airflow? Look for aftermarket motorcycle parts that fit the bill. You could find other windshield options that are much more suitable for you in terms of height, riding style and a whole lot more.

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