4 Points to Buying Wheels for Your 1984 Harley Davidson

If buying bike wheels makes you feel like you’re stepping onto boggy ground, no worries. With the right tips, you can shop for those Harley Davidson classic pre 1984 spoke wheels without getting burned:

Don’t skimp

InsideHook says there are some things you can save a dollar or two on and still stay safe on the road. This isn’t one of them. Besides, you’re shopping for wheels for your Harley. If this is one of your most prized possessions, it’s better to spend as much as you can—so long as the quality or condition of the wheels is worth the buy.

Check the authenticity

Do your Harley Davidson classic pre 1984 spoke wheels hit the mark? Be sure you read up and review on what to look for and how to spot a fake. Proving the authenticity of wheels should be high up on your list. If you don’t do your homework and research, you can easily be taken in by scammers who are only out to get your money. Know the anatomy of your road bike’s wheels and be informed.

Ask for help

Join groups and forums. Get the lay of the land before you come up on group chat and ask for help and assistance. Some groups prepare an FAQ page with useful bits of information on selling and buying vintage car parts. Check that out. Some of your questions might already be answered. If you still find yourself confused, then go ahead and ask.

Look for signs of wear

Be sure to check the wheels as soon as you get them. Better yet, you might want to do an in-person meet-up. Check the condition of the wheels. Look for signs of wear. If you see any signs, return the wheels to the seller right away for either a refund or replacement.

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