Tips On Maintaining Your Garage Door Opener

For the optimal functioning of a garage door, a homeowner must endeavor to set aside a few minutes to check and inspect the entire mechanism of the garage door. Always include the checking and inspection of the garage door and the garage door openers as part of the weekly or monthly routine to forestall the failure of either the garage door or any of its component. To get additional insights into some other useful maintenance tips for a particular garage door and opener model, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual.

One of the important things that must be carried out during the inspection of a garage door is the reversal test for a garage door opener. Before this test is performed, make sure the reversing feature comes with a garage door opener. If this feature isn’t available on that particular model, consider having it replaced. Federal law mandates that all the garage door openers that were manufactured after January, 1st 1993 must integrate state-of-the-art safety features that must comply with the most recent U.L. 325 standards. Contact Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc., who are specialists in Garage Door Openers in Pittsburgh PA, to ask for additional information.

It’s best that the reversing feature of the garage door is tested at least once a month to ensure its smooth functioning. If there are any questions about the operation, it pays to contact a professional for advice.

How to Test this Reversal Feature

The first thing that must be done is to check the balance of the garage door. If it is not properly balanced, please suspend this test, but if it is properly balanced, then proceed.

When the garage door fully opens, take a thick piece of wooden material and lie it flat on the garage’s floor at the center of the garage door. Now, close the garage door by pushing the wall button or its transmitter. Once the garage door strikes the wooden material, it ought to reverse instantly.

If the garage door doesn’t reverse immediately, it’s best that the Citywide Garage Door Co., Inc. specialists in Garage Door Openers in Pittsburgh PA be contacted to replace or repair the door or opener.

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