Trends to Consider When Purchasing Diamond Jewelry in Colorado Springs

The trends for jewelry are constantly changing, giving women an excuse to purchase more sparkly creations to decorate themselves with. Understanding the current trends will make it easier to decide whether to purchase a particular piece of Diamond Jewelery in Colorado Springs. Some people prefer more classic pieces that will be wearable for years to come while others like something that is on trend.


When it comes to rings, the current trend is to wear multiple rings on the same hand. Those considering engagement rings may want to check out rings with halos, those with colored stones, Edwardian-style rings, intertwined bands, rings with clusters of stones, and stackable rings. Some couples are opting for rubies, opals or black diamonds as the central stone instead of the more traditional diamond. In general, these rings are getting more elaborate.


Statement necklaces are still very popular, as are chokers. Jewelry featuring tassels is another trend, as are layered necklaces. Those looking for fashionable diamond jewelery in Colorado Springs may want to avoid simple small pendant necklaces.


Models on the runways and some popular stars have been seen sporting single earrings, including large statement earrings rather than pairs. Another trend is for asymmetrical earrings for those who prefer to wear two earrings. Ear cuffs and earrings that climb up the ear are also popular styles.


With bracelets, charm bracelets with lots of charms that have special meaning are a good bet, as are those featuring buckles. Cuff bracelets, including those that are meant to be worn over clothes rather than next to the skin, will also be popular due to the trend for longer sleeves on tops.

Putting It Together

Keep in mind that you don’t want to try to follow all of these trends at once. The general rule is to wear only one piece of statement jewelry at any given time. You don’t want to wear a large statement necklace along with a large, single earring, for example. Pick one main statement piece at a time.

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