Tips For Maintenance of Residential Furniture Maintenance in Manhattan NY

Pets, kids, and the inevitable wear and tear are all factors that contribute to the eventual demise of a piece of furniture. But, if a small amount of time had been invested in proper residential furniture maintenance, NY, the lifespan of that furniture piece could be extended. Proper care and maintenance of furniture go a long way toward preserving and maintaining its look. Listed below are tips that, when implemented, would ensure the residential furniture maintains its brilliance.

1. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed with a light brush in order to remove all dust particles as well as particles of food and dirt that may go unnoticed. This prevents unwanted grime and dirt from settling into the furniture’s fibers.

2. Cushions should be rotated regularly to prevent their over-use.

3. Don’t wash the cushion covers in a washing machine since doing so may cause shrinking, fading, and deterioration of fabrics.

4. Furniture should be kept away from any direct sunlight to prevent fading.

5. Items such as newspapers should not be placed on upholstered furniture to prevent the discoloration of fabric.

6. After cleaning of wooden furniture, polish should be applied to help protect it from abrasions and scratches. If dust accumulates, it may attract moisture, which softens the furniture and may cause permanent damage.

Accidents do happen when using furniture, so the following are spot-removal tips that should help in the cleaning of affected furniture

1. A specially formulated spot remover should be used in the treatment of spills and spots. It should be applied quickly to take out the spot before it soaks into and penetrates the furniture’s fibers.

2. A spoon or any similar tool should be used to scoop up any solid materials.

3. A white clean cloth should be used to blot out and absorb as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Please do not attempt to scrub. An absorbent white cloth, which must be dry, can be placed and pressed over the spill area to absorb any moisture that is left.

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