Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Gowns in Pittsburgh PA

For brides-to-be, shopping for bridal gowns is both cause for excitement and dread. Brides are the fouce of a wedding and therefore their gown gets a lot of scrutiny. No two bride’s bodies are alike, however, there are categories of body types that they fall into. Knowing what body type best matches yours, is a safe place to begin your search, as certain style gowns flatter different body types. Schedule an appointment with a wedding gown specialist to determine your body type.

Use the following style guide to help when considering Bridal Gowns in Pittsburgh PA:

• Ballgown -; Due to its ample (large) skirt, this style dress flatters pear-shaped figures, as it camouflages the lower body. It is not an ideal option for shorter brides as the voluminous skirt can literally engulf them. However, with its fitted bodice, it gives the illusion of curves for brides with a straight frame.

• A-Line -; Pretty much like it sounds, fitted through the waist after which it flows out from the body, reminiscent of a capital “A.” It is almost a one-style fits-all type of dress as it flatters nearly every body type.

• Modified A-Line -; This style is nearly identical to the A-line only its skirt is not as full. Also ideal for most body types.

• Mermaid -; A very constricting, form-fitting style dress perfect for those with a hourglass figure. This style dress is firmly hugs the body to the knees where it then flares outward. Not flattering to apple-shaped or plus size figures.

• Trumpet -; One of the most popular style of Bridal Gowns in Pittsburgh PA is this hybrid of a mermaid and modified A-line dress. It flatters figures with smaller waists as its fitted through the body and starts to flair about mid-thigh. It does emphasize the hips and stomach area so might not be a good style for pear or apple-shaped bodies.

• Sheath -; Another form-fitting style that falls straight from the neckline to the hem and does not flare outward. Perfect for leaner body types or petite frames as the dresses straightness gives length to the body.

Other popular styles to consider include tea-length gowns, whose skirt length falls in between the ankle and knee, making it applicable to all body types. Mini-skirts can have their place as a wedding gown also, depending on the theme and time of year, and are good for most body types other than plus sizes.

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