Tioga: Industrial Heaters, Ventilation Systems And Dehumidifiers

Tioga: Industrial Heaters, Ventilation Systems And Dehumidifiers

Tioga Air Heaters was founded in 1961 to produce a specific type of heater. It was the beginning of a journey – one that took the company from producing a single product into manufacturing, selling and renting an entire line of heaters. With a focus on providing solutions for industrial heating, ventilating and dehumidifying problems, Tioga has continued to grow.

The Markets and Product

The products Tioga Air Heating focuses on all deal with the issues facing industrial concerns. The products they produce find application in situations where the temperatures and elemental conditions make working difficult. The heaters provide comfort and relief to those employees facing the harsh conditions found on/in:

  • Construction sites
  • Docks of bays of shipping companies
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Government facilities e.g. military
  • Mines
  • Oil fields, rigs and refineries
  • Painting and coating facilities e.g. powder coating fabrication shops
  • Power plants
  • Warehouses

Their heaters and other products are used indoors to heat construction sites. They also provide warmth for those working elsewhere outdoors including on oilrigs. At the same time, companies can use ground thaw heaters to remove frost and allow work to begin on laying the foundation for a home or other structure. Such heaters are also capable of keeping oil and gas pipes warm while workers inspect them or handle essential maintenance.

The products addressing the various demands of the market include:

  • Direct-fired heaters
  • Direct fired make-up air heaters
  • Ground thaw heaters
  • Indirect heaters
  • Portable heaters
  • Temp heaters
  • Skid mounted heaters
  • Electric heaters’
  • Fans
  • Dehumidifiers

Yet, it is not the product alone but what the Tioga brand brings to the table that makes them successful in the global marketplace.

What Do Tioga Heaters and Other Products Offer?

Customers in these industries favor Tioga products for a variety of reasons. The company’s products represent the best in quality. They also have a reputation for units and systems that are

  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Consistently provide high quality performance no matter what the weather conditions
  • Customizable – The engineers and technicians work with the customer to provide them specific solutions suitable for their
  • work sites and situations

By offering both standard and customized products, the company makes certain its customers are able to find a solution that will work under their environmental conditions and in their workplace.

Tioga: Give the Customers What They Need

Tioga has expanded its product line and customer base by focusing on industrial heating systems. With markets in Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and parts of the United States, the company continues providing what its reputation is based upon: safe, reliable, durable, highly functional, energy-efficient and cost-effective products. With its eye firmly fixed on making sure the customer actually gets what he/she wants and needs for its products and/or facilities, Tioga will continue to write its own success story.

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