Things To Consider When Choosing Patio Doors

If you are thinking of patio door installation there are numerous things to take into consideration. It is not only the type of door, perhaps French doors or sliding doors; you must consider the material and the energy efficiency. When you begin looking at the options you will find they are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. They all look great in the showroom but which will stand the test of time?

Wood: Wood, especially if it is stained rather than painted is certainly elegant and very traditional for patio doors, wood grain varies; there is no two pieces that have the identical look. In the event the doors are scratched or otherwise damaged they can be touched up easily. The big problem with wood patio door installation is the cost, not only are they the most expensive there are other materials that are even more energy efficient. Wood doors require regular attention, they need to be painted or stained on a periodic basis which can add to the cost. If the doors are located on the sunny side of the house they will fade quickly.

Aluminum: Any metal patio door, steel or aluminum is naturally sturdy. If the metal choice is aluminum, it is virtually maintenance free and they are much lighter and easier to handle than their steel equivalent. The structure of aluminum doors makes them prone to damage and the material is a very poor insulator, heat loss with aluminum is significant, perhaps 6 or 7 times than that of vinyl.

Fiberglass: When you first look at fiberglass patio doors you would swear they were wood; fiberglass can be made to appear as if they were made from expensive hardwoods. Fiberglass is quite energy efficient and rarely need any maintenance.

Vinyl: Since its development, vinyl has found its way into home construction in a big way. Vinyl is used for siding, windows and for patio door installation. Vinyl, like fiberglass can be manufactured to mimic wood which, too many homeowners is the more stylish material. Vinyl patio doors and quite inexpensive, far more so than fiberglass or wood, the material is also extremely energy efficient, the material is maintenance free and will never flake, peel, rot or corrode. About the only downside of vinyl is the fact that it is slightly more flammable than other door materials but this is a minor issue when you consider the benefits of vinyl.

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