Three Types Of Wheel Alignment

Three Types Of Wheel Alignment

Living in San Antonio can be rough on your car’s suspension. Depending on whether you drive on or off the road, it can have a major effect on your wheel alignment. If you suspect your vehicle is not performing its optimal because it is out of alignment, do not mess around. Take your car or truck to a professional. They will examine it thoroughly and decide what type of alignment, if any, it requires.

Wheel Alignments

The need for wheel alignments can occur as the result of several issues. When the wheel is out of alignment, it can create steering problems and affect the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. A professional may repair the problem, addressing the specific component. The three major types of wheel alignment are:

Camber: This refers to the angle produced by the steering axis and vertical line to the ground – below view. It may be positive, negative or neutral. Today’s vehicles tend to have a norm of a negative camber to provide a larger contact surface for the tire and more stable performance for cornering those San Antonio curves.

Caster: This refers to the angle formed by the steering axis and vertical line to the ground – side view. Correcting the caster involves making it a positive angle.

Toe: This indicates the angle made by tire direction and vehicle direction – upper-view. Types include Toe-in (the front of the tire turns inward) and Toe-out (the front turns outward). Either case results in too much wear on the tread of the tire.

By correcting any of these situations, technicians can improve the performance, durability, and safety of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

If you want maximum and optimal performance from your vehicle, every component must work to its potential. A wheel alignment will ensure your tires, wheels, and steering are in harmony. Talk to the professionals and make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle those San Antonio roads.

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