Three Important Types Of Pet Care In Alexandria That Is Performed By A Veterinarian

Three Important Types Of Pet Care In Alexandria That Is Performed By A Veterinarian

Pets are an important part of the lives of many people and their families. For this reason, pet owners should make sure their pet receives the best medical care possible throughout their entire life. Read the information below to learn about three important types of Pet Care in Alexandria that’s performed by a veterinarian.

Wellness Care

This type of care should begin for puppies when they’re six weeks old and ready for their first vaccinations. In addition to giving puppies their shots, a veterinarian will give the animal a complete physical examination. When dogs become adults, wellness examinations should continue but usually an annual exam is all that’s required.

Dogs that have certain medical conditions may need to see the vet twice a year or more often if it’s recommended by the veterinarian. It’s also important for dogs to have a check up when they become senior adults. As dogs age, they can become susceptible to health issues that are common in older dogs.

Surgical Care

There are numerous types of surgical procedures that are very common for dogs. Spay and neuter surgeries are performed every day in Alexandria clinics and this important procedure helps to control the overpopulation of dogs. Dogs are also prone to having benign cysts or tumors and veterinarians often recommend having them surgically removed.

Other common surgeries include repairing and setting a broken bone, draining abscesses and ACL repair. Although pet owners often become anxious when their pet needs to have surgery, this type of treatment can save a dog’s life.

Dental Care

One important aspect of Pet Care in Alexandria that’s often overlooked is dental treatment for dogs. Many individuals don’t realize that dogs can have numerous teeth issues that can cause nutritional issues and pain. When a dog has discomfort due to a sore tooth, the animal will be unable to eat properly and won’t receive the best nourishment.

Dog owners should schedule a dental checkup and cleaning for their pet once every year. A veterinarian will examine the animal’s teeth, remove the tartar buildup and extract any teeth that are loose.

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