Things to Consider About Filters for Central Air Conditioning in Sparks

When central Air Conditioning in Sparks is being run most of the time, the household’s residents need to change the air filter just as they do for the furnace. The two operate through the same airflow system. A dirty filter reduces efficiency and leads to higher energy bills. In addition, choosing the right filter for what the residents want to accomplish is important too.

Flat vs. Pleated Models

Air filters are available in a broad range of effectiveness levels. Heating and cooling experts recommend avoiding the flat fiberglass filters because they are relatively useless at keeping dust out of the system, and, correspondingly, out of the home. The cheapest pleated filters are significantly better than the flat ones. People who want better dust control or who have allergies to pollen or other air contaminants will prefer a more expensive and more effective product.

Allergens and Dust

People suffering from allergies that cause breathing problems may want to have radiant heat instead of a forced-air furnace since there is no air blowing from vents with the under-floor equipment. However, they will still need to deal with that forced-air design if they want central Air Conditioning in Sparks. Air filters that block high levels of contaminants are available. They can be identified in the stores by looking for a high number in the minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV.


Although experts urge consumers to stay away from flat filters, there’s another side to that coin. The densest filters, touted as superior for catching dust and allergens, also can require the central air conditioner and furnace to work much harder to move air through that device. This is not energy efficient and it shortens the lifespan of the equipment. It also can cause the air conditioning coils to freeze up with ice.

It’s easy to become confused when looking over the myriad of air filters on the racks in stores. Will a relatively cheap pleated filter be good enough? A technician from a company such as Paschall Plumbing & HVAC can answer questions about filters during the annual appointment for maintenance and inspection of the equipment. Visit us online.

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