Simple Steps To Care For A Nashville Epoxy Floor

Most garages, industrial buildings, processing centers, restaurants, retail outlets, and warehouses in Nashville have epoxy flooring. This is typically due to its extremely long-life cycle combined with superior stain resistance and even anti-skid options to increase safety.

However, a hidden benefit for any building with an epoxy floor is the extremely low maintenance that is required to keep these floors in top shape. This additional benefit just adds to the value of the flooring and increases its value over the long term.

There is one important factor to consider when discussing the easy care and the long-life of epoxy flooring. Professional grade flooring and installation will always provide a superior finish and durability to the do-it-yourself kits that are on the market. Additionally, professional grade product and installation will also provide a better look to the floor that will last significantly longer.

Regular Sweeping

As with any type of concrete finishing product, the hardest thing on the epoxy floor is abrasion from debris, dust, and grit. By sweeping or using a blower over the surface of the floor to remove the dirt, the surface will always look shiny and clean.

Occasional Cleaning

For a complete cleaning as needed, the epoxy floor can be mopped using warm water and a pH neutral floor cleaner. Apply with an industrial mop and then, to avoid that dull coating that can occur when the cleaner dries on the floor, rinse with clear water and use a squeegee to remove the excess water and speed up the drying process.


Spills of any kind, including oil or engine fluid leaks in garages, should be cleaned up when spotted using a microfiber cloth or absorbent shop towels. Then, if needed, the area can be spot cleaned with the pH neutral floor cleaner.

With just basic care, any Nashville garage, basement, main floor or industrial area can be kept looking like new for years.

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