The Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO Can Help Clients Avoid These Claim Mistakes

The Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO Can Help Clients Avoid These Claim Mistakes

The Missouri workers’ compensation system offers protection to those who get sick or injured on the job. Workers can receive medical payments and a portion of their lost wages due to a short-term or permanent disability. However, as the Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO has observed, many workers’ comp claims are denied for the reasons outlined below.

Failing to Notify the Employer of the Injury

If an illness or injury occurs, regardless of its severity, the employee should notify the employer right away. If the employee doesn’t provide notice within 30 days, they may lose the eligibility to get workers’ comp benefits. The sooner an employee takes action, the smoother the case will go. Employees should retain a copy of the notice for their records. If the claim is denied because of failure to give notice, the records can be used to refute that assertion.

Failure to File on Time

Under Missouri law, a worker has two years from the date of an illness or injury to file a claim. If they fail to act within two years, they’re barred forever from filing. Once the employer is notified of the illness or injury, they must file a report to the appropriate commission.

Having a Non-Covered Condition

The state’s workers’ compensation system covers injuries that occur within the scope and course of employment. For instance, if a person’s job involves deliveries made in a car or truck, they would be covered in an accident that happened during a delivery. Conversely, if the accident happened on the way to work, it wouldn’t be covered.

Pre-Existing Conditions

When a person files a claim for workers’ comp benefits, the treating doctor will have to submit a form. If a person has a pre-existing medical condition that was made worse by the work-related injury, it is usually covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

If someone is hurt on the job and they’ve been denied the benefits to which they are entitled, call the team at the Wegmann Law Firm in Hillsboro MO today. The firm’s workers’ compensation lawyers will aggressively represent clients and help them get the benefits they deserve. Call or Click Here to learn more.

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