The Versatility Of ABB Flow Meters

The Versatility Of ABB Flow Meters

Within any industry, there are manufacturers of essential parts and components that are immediately recognized as a top company to consider. When it comes to measuring the flow of any type of liquid, gas, semi-solid, slurry or other materials through a system, ABB flow meters have a top reputation.

These meters are found in small and large processing plants around the world. The company has been in business for over a century, and they offer a full line of flow meters including magnetic, Coriolis, multiphase, Vortex and thermal mass flowmeters. Each meter is designed to be reliable and durable, offering specific features and functions necessary for optimal measurement in even difficult operating conditions.

Built for Specific Applications

There are specific ABB flow meters designed for each type of application and measurement requirement. For engineering and design teams, as well as for contractors responsible for building, retrofitting or repairing systems, this makes the job of finding the right flowmeter a matter of comparing options and considering the factors.

Knowing the type of media in the system as well as the variables to the system will be essential in narrowing down the choices. Temperature, pressure and the nature of the media will all need to be considered when making a choice.

Specific applications such as food and beverage production and processing or manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industries require the addition of flowmeters designed to meet all applicable standards. These types of flowmeters are designed to be hygienic, easy to clean using standard industry processes, and also developed to withstand temperature and pressure requirements of different processing systems.

In addition to the design, ABB flow meters also offer a range of cutting-edge technology and features. With built-in diagnostics and self-testing capacity, these are the most accurate, dependable and reliable flow meters on the market.

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