The Tools Needed During Masonry Construction In Philadelphia, PA

The Tools Needed During Masonry Construction In Philadelphia, PA

Advancements in technology provide builders with a vast array of options when constructing buildings, and while newer products are gaining popularity, few of them compare to the quality and durability of masonry construction in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to having natural insulative properties, masonry is also more resilient when faced with external elements. Here is a quick look at the top tools to have on hand before starting any masonry work and how they can make any project easier to complete.

Masonry Trowels

As bricks are laid on one another, it is essential to add a layer of mortar, as this allows the bricks to adhere to one another and provides a reliable final result. Trowels are used to apply the mortar mixture and include a rounded end that is effective at removing any excess and creating a smooth exterior surface that is durable and visually appealing.


If bricks are not level when they are stacked, it can lead to a finished project that is unsightly and not structurally sound. A leveling device uses a small air bubble that is encased in liquid and allows a worker to easily see when a brick is askew and should be adjusted before proceeding.

Masonry Saw

The durability of masonry construction in Philadelphia, PA is one of its most sought-after benefits, but it can make cutting masonry elements extremely difficult. Special masonry saws are designed to quickly pierce through stone and run the saw blade through water to prevent overheating and uneven cuts.

Steel Carpenter’s Square

Each corner of a structure should be at a perfect 90 degrees. Even experienced bricklayers struggle with creating an exact angle, but a steel carpenter’s square makes it easy and provides a visual way to determine if a corner is at the required 90 degrees or if it should be adjusted.

The right tools can make any job easier, but it is best to trust masonry work to a professional. The team at Mara Restoration utilizes the latest advancements to ensure every project is completed to exact specifications and is designed to stand the test of time. Visit the website for more information and discover why more homeowners choose to utilize a professional masonry service for any repair or installation needs.

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