The Next Step After Cremation Services in Harrison, OH

Everyone must choose between cremation or burial when planning a funeral. One of the reasons why burial is selected as opposed to Cremation Services in Harrison OH is because there is an uncertainty about what to do with the ashes. Not everyone wants an urn on display and some people are uncomfortable with the thought of their family members passing their ashes on to descendants they never met. There are many other ways to handle cremated remains. Here are just a few examples of what is available.

Continue With Burial

It is just as acceptable to inter an urn as it is a coffin, so burial is always an option. A similar method is to place the urn in a columbarium. This is a type of mausoleum that houses urns. It is a convenient option for families that prefer to keep the remains together but want everyone to have access to their loved one. Placing the urn at a columbarium can happen after you carry Cremation Services in Harrison OH, following a funeral or even years after the cremation has taken place.

Bury at Home

Create a memorial at a family residence by burying the urn and marking the spot with a stone or other special marker. Another popular option is to purchase a memorial tree urn. The ashes are mixed into the planting material in the biodegradable urn and buried. Most containers hold only a portion of the ashes so a number of memorial trees are possible.

Spread in Nature

A common request is to have the ashes spread. In the United States, there are laws that regulate this type of action. Permission must be obtained by the overseer of public areas like parks or nature preserves. On unregulated public land, place the ashes at least 100 yards away from public trails or roads. Burials at sea can only take place in waters that are at least 600 feet deep and at least three miles away from the shore. Sea burials should be reported to the EPA within 30 days of completion.

The decision to choose cremation or not is a personal one and people have the freedom to make the choice that is best for them. The growing popularity of this method has helped to create an openness in discussing what happens after the process is complete and how the family feels is the best way to honor their loved one.

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