The Many Advantages Of Using RCP Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipes, known as RCP Pipe or RCPs, are a favorite for two applications:

  1. Water sewer systems
  2. Stormwater sewer systems

Although offering a challenge because of their weight, they are in high demand in many American states, including such southern ones as Georgia and Alabama. The reason managers give is simple. RCPs offer those who use them, in spite of the required heavy machinery to move them into place, multiple advantages over alternatives


Concrete, by its very nature, offers those who employ its various advantages. RCPs enhance the basic qualities inherent in concrete, therefore making RCP even more effective at providing benefits to those who prefer it over other materials. In Georgia, engineers and project managers include the following reasons for their choice of RCP pipe over standard concrete, metal, and PVC

  • Durability: This includes the ability to withstand such elements as corrosion
  • Easy to install
  • Longevity: depending upon the type of reinforcement, RCPs can last up to 100 years before requiring replacement
  • Low Maintenance
  • Variety: Pipe sizes are available in different diameters, shapes, sizes, and strengths
  • Versatility: Can transport both potable and wastewater
  • Weight-bearing/load supporting: Can handle the weight of vehicles passing on the backfill overhead as well as the weight of the backfill, itself
  • Watertight

Overall, RCPs provide a cost-effective means of ensuring the successful control of water flow for many projects.

RCP Pipe

Concrete is a popular material for constructing a variety of pipes, culverts, and similar items. While standard concrete suffices in such things as drain pipes, it may not provide the right degree of strength and durability when employed in other pipeline projects. For this, construction companies turn to a more resilient form of concrete pipe- RCP pipe. In Georgia, engineers know they can use it in any erosion zone. They understand its ability to provide structural strength and longevity for almost any sewer and/or stormwater project they undertake.

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