6 Car Care Maintenance Tips You Should Definitely Follow

Top car care maintenance tips can help improve your ride’s performance on the road. These include:

Engine oil checks

Make this into a monthly habit. That way, it’ll be easier for you to notice if there are any oil leaks. If you do find one, get your car to the nearest auto repair shop, one with a trustworthy reputation and get them to fix the problem.

Tire air pressure checks

Add this to your monthly maintenance checklist. You and your friends planning to go on a road trip? Don’t forget to do this before you all go out on that long drive, the Consumer Reports says.

Wear and tear

This is one of the easiest on the list. Do a thorough inspection of your car and look out for signs of fading and wear. Are your tires a mess? Are there signs of rust on the body of your car? You might want to have your ride checked out by a pro to make sure that isn’t structural rust.

Car wash

If you drive to and from work every day, then you’ll want to have your cars washed at least once a week. This will eliminate the dirt and road salt on your car, preventing the buildup of impurities that could much too easily compromise the paint of your ride.


Keep a list of parts you need to replace regularly. This will include your air filters along with your brake pads and belts. A list will help you keep track of everything, so you know if it’s about time to shop for new ones.

Collision repair

If you get into an accident, make sure you take your ride to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. The sooner they get a look at your car, the sooner those repairs can start. You won’t have to wait long before your ride is back in shape and ready for the road.

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