The Earliest Appointments With a Practitioner Who Offers Service in Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin MA

A practitioner who offers services in Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin MA typically wants a parent to bring a child in at least by age 3, but parents can bring a child in even sooner than this. The dentist can determine whether there are signs of early problems with inadequate oral hygiene, and begin providing the early care that will help the patient maintain a healthy, bright smile throughout a lifetime. It’s essential to care for baby teeth as diligently as attending to adult teeth. Cavities and other problems with the baby teeth can cause discomfort and even pain, and lead to issues with the permanent teeth as well.

Children may be a little nervous about their first dental appointment, and parents can do a lot to put their minds at ease. Parents must convey the attitude that a dental appointment is not a big deal. They should avoid saying things like, “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Comments like that will make the child wonder if there is indeed something to fear.

If the adults show anxiety about their own dental appointments or that of the kids, children will easily pick up on that anxiety. It’s also important to choose a gentle, patient-focused practitioner who provides Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin MA, so the little ones don’t feel intimidated. Unfortunately, one negative experience at a dental clinic can result in a lifelong phobia of dentists. Contact Alpha Dental Center for information on this particular clinic that offers family dentistry for people of all ages.

Dental appointments at this early age can be considered similar to well-child visits to a pediatrician or family doctor. The little one becomes accustomed to regular dental cleanings and exams. He or she learns the value of dental sealants and fluoride treatments, along with the importance of daily flossing and twice-daily brushing. If a cavity does develop, the child has already come to trust the dentist and doesn’t feel afraid of having the necessary treatment performed. The youngster will feel more diligent about better oral hygiene in the future, such as avoiding sweet beverages and treats in the middle of the day.

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