Why Choose Dental Implants in South Austin, TX Over Other Options?

When there are several teeth that are beyond repair, the only thing left to do is have them extracted. The next question is what strategy will be used to replace those missing teeth. Many patients will choose Dental Implants in South Austin TX over other options. Here are some of the reasons why this solution makes a lot of sense.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Jaw

Many people are not aware of what can happen when teeth are no longer embedded in the jaw. The bone tissue will begin to shift and shrink over time. This is one of the reasons why people who opt for dentures have to invest in new sets after several years. With the use of Dental Implants in South Austin TX the jaw line will remain the same. That’s because the implants reside in the same space recently vacated by the teeth instead of resting on the gums.

No Need to Use Adhesives

Implants do not require any type of dental adhesive to remain in place. Patients don’t have to worry about them slipping out of alignment while chewing or suddenly working loose while talking. In this respect, the implants function just like the real thing. No adhesive means one less chore to manage in the morning and certainly makes it easier to get through the day without wondering if a plate is going to slip out of position.

The Perfect Look

The permanent caps that are secured to the tops of the implants are carefully crafted to look just like the teeth they replace. Some of the other solutions are easy to detect because they arent’s a perfect match for the size and hue of the other teeth. With implants, attention is paid to the shape, size, and shade of each of the caps. Once the work is done, no one will know that the patient has anything other than a full set of healthy teeth.

If the time is approaching to part with some of the real teeth, schedule an appointment with Anne Lyon DDS. It will not take long to determine if dental implants are a possibility and what it will take to put them in place.

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