Barn Staining Basics and Reminders

Barn Staining Basics and Reminders

If your barn’s looking old and decrepit, you might want to have the exterior and interior walls stained. Here are a few useful reminders to help you turn that space around:

Pick a Base

There are different types of stains. If you want something that’s durable and stands up well against sunlight, then you’ll do best with waterborne acrylic stains. That’s one reason why a lot of homeowners pick this one out for the exterior walls. It won’t fade too soon under constant exposure to sunlight. If you want the stains to penetrate deeply, though, oil stains make for an excellent choice, says This Old House. You could also go for hybrid blends that can do both.

Consider Longevity

Want those stains to last as long as possible? Those with more pigment tend to stay up for as long as 7 years. Clear toners which often carry the least amount of pigment, might require reapplication every year. You’ll want to consider these things carefully before you settle on a stain.

DIY or Pro?

A lot of homeowners often try the DIY approach. If you’ve got experience, time and the right set of tools, then you might find this rewarding. However, if you don’t have the skill, talent, time and inclination to get this done, hiring professional barn staining services is a much more convenient choice. You won’t have to worry about making mistakes or setting aside your precious spare time during weekends to paint your barn. You can hire a pro and have it done much sooner and with better results.

Getting Help

Look for companies with a long and excellent reputation for barn staining services. Read reviews online, check out the company’s qualifications and go for a face-to-face interview before you decide to hire anyone or sign a contract with a company.

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