The Advantages Of Using CNC Precision Turning Services

The Advantages Of Using CNC Precision Turning Services

There are some parts and components in any type of system, device, machine or equipment which can be developed to be close approximations to the desired shape. These parts will look identical to the human eye, but there will be slight variances that have no effect on the fit, function or performance of the part, device or system.

There are also some parts and components which must be made to very precise measurements. These types of parts are often used in aerospace, energy, oil and gas, telecom and medical devices. When tight tolerances have to be maintained, the choice of CNC precision turning offers a cost-effective option with extremely high levels of accuracy throughout production.

Exact Replication

Original Equipment Manufacturers turn to CNC precision turning when parts have to be made to meet specific industry standards and requirements. The machining shops offer precision CNC turning services utilize the latest in technology and equipment to produce the highest quality of parts and components.

Like all CNC services, the computer control over the equipment, including the speed of rotation of the workpiece and the movement of the piece in relation to the cutting tool. The cutting tool or boring tool used in CNC turning is a single point tool, and it is precisely selected to provide the specific shaping requirements for the job.

The movement of the cutting tool in traversing the length of the workpiece is exactly the same with every part produced using CNC precision turning centers. This is also true for the control of the speed of rotation, when the rotation speed changes, and the depth of the cut.

The result is a very precise tube or cylindrical shape with the exact shape required to extremely high tolerances. While essential in many fields, some OEMs opt for CNC precision machining services for all parts and components, resulting in a higher quality final component.

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