How to Choose the Best Massage Parlor for You

How to Choose the Best Massage Parlor for You

It’s long been known that massage can offer significant benefits in terms of stress reduction, and can even help to mitigate chronic pain. Virtually every culture on the planet has a history of massage therapy that dates back hundreds, often thousands, of years. Today, massage therapists allow you to benefit from this holistic treatment option, but you’ll need to know how to choose the right massage parlor in Charlotte, NC. What should you base your decision on?

Range of Massage Modalities

One of the first considerations when comparing your options for a massage parlor in Charlotte, NC, is the menu of services, particularly the types of massage on offer. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach here, which is why there are so many different types of massage practiced around the world today.

While one person might benefit from a Swedish massage, in which the massage therapist uses long, smooth, gliding strokes to work tension out of the muscles, others might benefit more from deep tissue massage, which is necessary for working out muscle knots, and is often used in physical therapy. Shiatsu massage is an essential option for dealing with deep muscle tension in the shoulders and upper back that might benefit you. Yet others might benefit more from a rejuvenating hot oil massage, as well.

Table Shower

Visiting a massage parlor in Charlotte, NC, should give you access to the right type of massage for your needs. However, you should also have access other relaxation options, such as a luxury table shower. In this treatment, you lie face down on a padded, comfortable table. Above you, a five-head horizontal shower fixture jets temperature-controlled water across your body – it’s the ideal way to wrap up a relaxing massage experience.

Pay Attention to Operating Hours

As a final note, make sure that the massage parlor in Charlotte, NC, you choose offers operating hours that fit your life and schedule. Most people find it challenging to make a mid-day appointment during the week, so make certain that the facility you choose stays open later in the evening to accommodate working professionals.

At Sakura Spa, we offer four different massage modalities, and relaxing table showers in one of the most advanced facilities in Charlotte, NC. We invite you to contact us today by calling 704-531-6400 to schedule an appointment with one of our talented massage therapists.

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