Is There An Advantage In Using CNC Precision Turning Services?

Is There An Advantage In Using CNC Precision Turning Services?

In some industries, such as medical device manufacturing and aerospace parts and components, the use of CNC precision turning and machining services is a requirement. This is the only way parts and components can be produced and have the tight tolerances and exact specifications required by industry regulations and mandatory standards.

However, even for parts and components no under this type of regulation, there are important benefits to consider in choosing CNC precision turning over manual turning processes.

Speed of Production

Using new technology and automated systems to feed raw material into the equipment and remove the finished pieces adds to both the elimination of waste as well as the speed of production.

Without the need for human hands to load and position the workpiece and operated the turning machine, the production time can be shortened significantly, resulting in more parts per hour and a lower cost per unit.

Better Fitting Parts

Even when precision and tight tolerances are not a requirement for an industry, accurate, exact parts make fabrication much faster and easier. The fabricators and assembly staff are not constantly having to adjust for small differences between parts, making this process much faster as well.

Additionally, with precision parts, there is more consistency in how moving parts will meet and operate in a system. This leads to less wear and tear from poorly machined parts and also longer life cycles for the individual part as well as the system as a whole.


All CNC precision turning requires the use of a CAD/CAM drawing. This drawing can be stored in the computer system of the machining service, ensuring all future orders will be identical to the original.

This allows any OEM to have the confidence in working with a CNC machining service without any concerns about variations in precision, quality control or part tolerances between order runs.

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