The Advantage In Selecting Used Thermo Fisher Instruments

Thermo Fisher offers a full line of equipment used in biotechnology, genetic testing as well as for general laboratories and medical testing facilities. Recognized around the world for the cutting edge technology and designs in their systems, this is an equipment line that is considered to be ideal for most testing and lab facilities.

Price Issues

However, for many of the smaller labs, testing facilities, hospitals, and clinics, the cost of new, out of the box Thermo Fisher instruments can be a limiting factor for purchases. Many of the new startup labs or even established labs may stretch their budget to slowly be able to add a new piece of equipment from this manufacturer once every so many years.

There is a faster way to fully equip any lab with Thermo Fisher equipment. It is available to anyone and offers the ability to upgrade to this highly reputable line of equipment while perhaps even lowering your equipment budget.

The Overlooked Option

By shopping for used Thermo Fisher instruments and equipment, it is possible to completely equip a lab at about half the cost it would take to buy all new equipment. Some of the equipment and instruments may be available at more than sixty percent of the new price but offer all the testing capacity and the features of the brand new models.

There are two options to consider when buying Thermo Fisher instruments. When a warranty is required, look for a refurbished model. This provides a full replacement of all worn parts to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. These will should have a warranty from the medical supply company that can range from months to a year or more.

It is possible to find relatively new models of Thermo Fisher instruments with extremely limited use. With this equipment and a reputable dealer, the price savings can even allow you to upgrade, providing greater testing opportunities and expanding the services offered.

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