What is a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

What is a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Social Security comprises some of the most significant social service programs in the United States. For almost a hundred years, the Social Security Administration has operated a number of different plans that help improve the quality of life of all Americans. One of the elements of Social Security that is actually unrelated to income is the Social Security Disability Insurance program. Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that is designed specifically for people who have disabilities that impede their ability to work. It should not be confused with the standard Social Security Income that is linked with earnings; Social Security Disability is a separate program for people with disabilities. For residents of Woodridge, a Social Security Disability Lawyer can provide legal counsel both when a disability claim is not being recognized or when a third party or the employer suspects that an individual might be committing fraud.

A Woodridge Social Security Disability Lawyer specializes in this area of law in order to help preserve the integrity and original intent of the Social Security Disability Insurance program. The program is designed to help people who find themselves either temporarily or permanently disabled, and for whom gainful employment is not possible due to that disability. Social Security Disability eligibility is separately assessed from other disability programs, which is why a Woodridge Social Security Disability Lawyer can help clients to understand whether they quality and how to understand the differences between Social Security Disability Insurance and other state and federal disability insurance programs.

From the employer’s perspective, it may also be important to draw attention to a person who might be committing Social Security Disability fraud. A Woodbridge Social Security Disability lawyer helps to maintain the integrity of the Social Security program in general by working with concerned citizens and the government to help minimize fraud.

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