The 2 Biggest Questions Relating to The American Eclipse Of 2017

The 2 Biggest Questions Relating to The American Eclipse Of 2017

There are two questions that most people are asking about August 21, 2017, total eclipse of the sun passing over from the West Coast to the East of North America. The first is where they need to be at the right time to be able to see the totality; the perfect solar eclipse of the sun rather than a partial eclipse. The second question relates to where individuals can purchase effective glasses for solar eclipse viewing?

Only One Country Is Involved

This perfect solar eclipse of the sun can only be seen from specific points across the US. It does not touch down on any other countries which is why it is called the American eclipse. As you purchase your glasses for solar eclipse viewing, it should be noted that one or two small islands in the middle of the Atlantic may be able to see a total eclipse.

Look Out for The Pathway

The best views of the eclipse and the best chance to see the totality are to be within 50 miles of a corridor from Oregon on the West Coast to mid-South Carolina on the East coast. Several websites are adding incredible maps that show you exactly where you should locate yourself and your friends to be able to view the total eclipse perfectly. {}

The first views will be just south of Portland, moving to pass Boise, Idaho, across Lincoln in Nebraska, just north of Kansas City, south of St Louis and right through the middle of South Carolina.

To be able to view the American eclipse safely you will need specific glasses for solar eclipse viewing which will ensure that the power of the sun’s rays cannot pass through to your eyes and caused damage which may be temporary or long-term.

You should choose a company online that sell millions of eclipse glasses, perhaps making a custom variety for you and your friends and family. Check testimonials and reviews to ensure that the glasses you are going to receive will be effective for the job.

Eclipse Glasses by American Paper Optics provide glasses for solar-eclipse with eclipse safety for viewing all solar eclipses. Eclipse glasses, and eclipse viewers, block out 100% of harmful ultra-violet rays, 100% of infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light, protecting your eyes and letting you view these spectacular natural phenomena. Eclipse viewing allow you to wear glasses to look at the sun in its natural orange color.

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