4 Things to Note When You Move Your Loved One to a Retirement Home

With plenty of housing choices out there, it can be quite a challenge to find the ideal senior living home in Aurora CO for your loved one. Here are a few things to make the experience faster, easier and much more efficient:

Use handy online tools

With 30,000 assisted living facilities in the U.S., says the National Caregivers Library, you’re bound to have a hard time pinning down one in your area or in the location you had in mind. Take advantage of referral placement services like the Oasis Senior Advisors – Aurora. The company provides free referral services so you can get in touch with qualified homes that meet your standards for quality care.

Do your homework

Read up on the different housing types. That way, you’ll have a better idea what each of those living arrangements entail. When you look for senior living homes in Aurora CO, it’ll be easier to find the perfect match for your elderly relative.

Determine level of care

Tailor your loved one’s senior living arrangements to her unique needs. Does she require very little assistance? Just someone to cook for her, help her take her medication to make sure she doesn’t miss one and do her laundry for her? You could check out retirement communities that provide for those needs. Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, though, provide a range of complex medical services and assistance. Know the level of care your loved one needs so you can choose the best one.

Be there for them

For elderly individuals who have stayed in their homes for a long time, moving to a retirement facility can be a harrowing emotional experience. A familiar face will help ease the transition. Be there to offer your loved one much-needed support on moving day. This will help keep the transition healthy and less traumatic. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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