Suffering a Hearing Loss? Have Auditory Testing in Lancaster, PA

Millions of people hear noises in their ears. They range from the sounds of locusts in the trees, the whooshing sound a fan makes, to high pitched squealing. This is not fun when trying to fall asleep. Very often a person can’t hear real sounds for the loud ones they’re hearing in their ears. This is called tinnitus, and it’s possible to treat it. There are a number of maladies that can have a devastating effect on hearing and the ears. Many of them begin because the ears haven’t been properly cared for during everyday play or work. Children who grow up to play electric guitars feel the louder the music, the better.

Many people are on the swim team at school, or they swim in warm lakes in the summer. A fungus growing in warm water can multiply in the ear after the season is over, causing the ear to itch and run. Water can remain in the ears and cause “swimmer’s ear,” which is very painful, especially in very young children. Many people also get an enormous amount of wax buildup that causes pain and the inability to hear the way they should.

Log on to and meet a group of specialists who understand, and treat, just about every kind of ear problem a person is dealing with. Sometimes, ears become infected, and a buildup of fluid that’s agitating and painful is felt in and around the eardrum. The doctors will treat infections with antibiotics.

When hearing loss is incurred, the patient can undergo auditory testing in Lancaster, PA to find out how severe the loss is. The center has hearing aids that enable patients to finally hear and join in family conversations. Neighbors down the street will no longer hear the television blasting away, and family members can sleep well without the loud noise disturbing them.

ENT stands for ear, nose and throat, which means problems in these areas are all cared for by the clinic’s doctors. Before sending a patient for auditory testing in Lancaster, PA, they’ll also check the nose and throat to make sure the patient’s problems are not stemming from these areas.

Surgery isn’t going to be considered unless there’s no other solution to a patient’s ear, nose, or throat problem.

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