Stop Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie With Help From A lawyer

Stop Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie With Help From A lawyer

There are some things in life that no one can avoid. Growing old is one of those things. When age catches up with someone, they need help taking care of themselves and getting the treatments they need in order to stay in good health. Living arrangements can be made for elderly family members. Nursing homes are the most common solution for families with elderly members that can no longer take care of themselves. Long-term care insurance policies can cover the cost of these arrangements and the cost of necessary medical care. Trained professionals will work around the clock to help keep family members happy and healthy for the rest of their golden years. There are many facilities in the country that offer amazing care of elderly family members and would make a wonderful addition to the many great memories they already enjoy.

Unfortunately, not every nursing home is equal. Some facilities claim to offer excellent care but fall well short of those claims. Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie is a serious issue that could cut short the wonderful lives that elderly family members have enjoyed. In some facilities, proper care is not provided for guests. Feeding, bathing, and general care are not provided as they should be, and patients suffer greatly for it. Severe cases can result in bedsores, infections, and even death. It’s important that family members check in often in order to assure that proper care is being provided. If it seems that family members aren’t getting the care they need, it’s time to contact a service provider such as the Jaklitsch Law Group for help.

There are certain signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie that family members should look out for. Bruises and sores can indicate physical abuse. It’s hard to imagine that someone would harm an elderly patient, but it does happen in the worst cases. Bedsores can be a sign that patients aren’t being turned or give the physical exercise they need. Emotional distress can be difficult to spot. If the patient shows signs of fear or isn’t responsive to interaction, it could indicate that the caregiver is causing distress. Dehydration may be a sign that proper nutrition isn’t being provided. If any of these signs are present family members should contact an attorney right away.

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